Pets are welcome.

To make sure that all of our campers have a relaxing experience at our campground, upon check in with your pet(s), you will be required to sign waiver that you understand our pet rules (as stated below).

I hereby agree to the following regulations while camping at Oil Creek Campground.

  • When outside, I agree to keep my dog(s) on a leash or in an enclosed space (such as the dog park, plastic fence, carrier, etc.).
  • I will not leave my dog(s) unattended at any time.
  • I agree that my dog(s) must be kept quiet at all times and cannot cause any disturbances.
  • I verify that my dog(s) is up to date on all vaccinations.
  • I understand that my dog(s) cannot show any violence toward other campers or their dogs.
  • I agree to pick up after my pet at all times, including in the dog park area.
  • I assume all responsibility for any injury, damage, or other harm that may be caused by my dog(s) during my stay.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my guests also comply with these rules.

I understand that failure to follow these policies and rules may result in my removal from the campground without refund.


Signature: ______________________________ Date:________________



Please note: Pets are NOT allowed in or on the site of our rental campers.