Our camping season for 2021 is April 16 - October 31.

Our mission is to provide a relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

Please note: due to new policies, our swimming pool is only open to campers and not to the general public. Thank you for your understanding.

To Our Campers
Coronavirus PA Government Mandate (updated April 2021)

  • Please do not come to the campground if you are ill.
  • Please keep a 6 foot distance from others.
  • There are still government regulations in the public areas such as keeping a 6 foot distance from others, including in the pool.
  • Please wash your hands regularly.
  • Use your own camper’s bathroom, whenever possible.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask inside the office and camp store.
  • We will be disinfecting public areas frequently.

These are PA Government requirements. In order to remain open, all PA Campground campers must abide by this mandate. 

Thank you all for your cooperation. Happy Camping!

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