Welcome to the Kids Section at Oil Creek Campground.com. The more kids the merrier at Oil Creek.. Every weekend we offer something new and exciting for the kids to spend their time.

Llama Petting Pen Visit the Llama Petting Pen and let them eat grass right out of your hand. Pieces of apples, pears, and grapes make a nice treat for them, also. Some years we may have Alpacas which are a smaller version of the same animal. One year a baby llama was born right here. Donít forget to check out the teddy bears made from the fiber of the llama, they are especially soft & cuddly.

Our Playground with swings, slide, climbing pole, tetherball, funnelball, & tic tac toe is a great place to play with new found friends. Then grab a pole and catch some smallmouth bass or bluegill in our pond. At night take a flashlight to light the way on a walk through the maze.