Explore Oil Creek Heritage
Ride the 26-mile round trip Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad through the "valley that changed the world".
    Visit the museums in the area:
  • Drake Well Museum: The main museum building contains over 70 exhibits on the origin of Oil!
  • Tyred Wheels Museum: 25 antique cars & airplanes and other antique items and miniatures.
  • Pithole Museum: A museum telling the incredulous tale of the miraculous quick rise and fall of Pithole, an oil boom town that went from a very small population to over 10,000 in just 2 years.
  • Debence Museum: With its incredible collection of mechanical musical instruments dating from the mid 1800s to the 1940s.
  • Franklin Antique Mall & Auction Gallery:
Go canoeing at Oil Creek State Park
Bridges of Venango County
Titusville Railroad
Visit the Drake Well Museum
Trail riding at Oil Creek State Park
There is a large assortment of fun and interesting activities in the Oil Creek area in addition to the historical setting, outdoor type activities are plentiful!

Hiking, Canoeing and biking are popular past-times out here!!

Bike the 10-mile bicycle trail along Oil Creek Valley past the sites of the early boom towns or try the 8-mile bicycle trail along the Allegheny River.

Hike through the beatiful scenery of Oil Creek State Park
Waterfall in Venango County

Go horseback riding at Knaps Bed and Breakfast
try some horse back riding at Knapping Knapp Farms while you are here.